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2023 Host Announcement

The San Jose State University Wushu Club, Spartan Wushu, will be hosting the 24th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament! Stay tuned for more information about tournament date, venue, and registration deadlines.

CANCELLED: 2020 Collegiates

The 2020 Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament has been cancelled due to public health concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. Please feel free to contact us or the host school concerning refunds or proof of cancellation.

Updated Groupset rules!

The Collegiate Wushu Committee (CWC) has approved updated groupset rules put together by the Collegiate Wushu Judging Committee (CWJC) to help make groupset judging more standardized and consistent. The updated rules can be found on the website at this LINK. Please share the link with your club and coaches!

Collegiate Wushu

The Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament was created to foster collegiate-level wushu in the nation. The first tournament was hosted by the University of Oregon in 1997, organized by Brandon Sugiyama. Today, the tournament draws in competitors from universities all across the country and has been hosted on both the east and west coasts.

Each year, a call is made to clubs for the position of host, and bids are voted on by the Collegiate Wushu Committee (CWC) voting members. The CWC is composed of advisors and school representatives, with each school on the CWC posessing one voting representative. The CWC also discusses and votes on changes to tournament rules such as competitor eligiblity requirements and experience level determination. Once a school has hosted a Collegiate Wushu Tournament, they will receive an invitation to join the CWC.


24th Collegiate Wushu

The San Jose State University Wushu Club, Spartan Wushu, has been chosen as the host for the 24th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament! Event date, venue, and registration deadlines TBA.

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