24th Collegiate Wushu

The San Jose State University Wushu Club, Spartan Wushu, will be hosting the 24th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament. Date, venue, and registration deadlines TBA.



  • Waiver:

  • Proof of Enrollment:

    Per the Collegiate Wushu Tournament rules (which can be found in the section above):

    • Class 1 Competitors:
      Proof of current enrollment is required and must be sent in with registration materials before the competition. The proof may consist of an approved study list, transcript, or research curriculum for the present semester or quarter at the student's university. The study list must include the student's name and a date or time period for which it applies, in order to prove present enrollment. A student ID is not sufficient proof. The study list or transcript should also indicate that the student is taking at least the minimum number of units or credits at his or her university to qualify as a full-time student. 'Currently enrolled' is defined as having the status of full-time student at the university on the day of competition.

    • Class 2 Competitors:
      Documentation is also required for Class 2 competitors, in the form of a photocopy of the competitor's diploma (for alumnus) or formal document from the university's registrars office, such as a transcript for a previous term (for non-enrolled students). Both the name and date should be visible on any such documentation and the printed date of enrollment or graduation will be the date used for determining eligibility.


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